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The Scholarship EXPO is a unique event of national importance for Macedonia, where a variety of scholarships and other forms of financial aid available to Macedonian citizens for studying in Macedonia and abroad are presented at a single location. The Educational Advising Center Skopje is launching the Scholarship EXPO in 2010 for the first time. The event is planned as annual, recognizable, high-profile Macedonian educational brand and a highly valued initiative promoting investment in knowledge and human potential.

 Goals of the project

Main goal of the Scholarship EXPO is promotion of the importance that scholarships have in opening and increasing access to higher education. Scholarships play a key role in removing financial obstacles to higher education and have a direct impact on raising the number of higher educated citizens, which is necessary for continued economic growth of Macedonia and the creation of a knowledge-based society. The second goal of the Scholarship EXPO is accenting the importance of scholarships in bringing learning outcomes in line with the needs of the labor market.


Participants at the Scholarships EXPO include Macedonian and international institutions, whose representatives provide all necessary information and answer visitors' questions. Participating institutions include Macedonian ministries, embassies and cultural centers of foreign countries in Macedonia, as well as representatives of a number of companies, foundations and non-governmental organizations.

The Scholarships EXPO is composed of several elements: the National and University Library’s main entrance hall will host stands where the exhibitors (i.e. scholarship-awarding institutions) will present their scholarships programmes. Alongside the exhibiting area, In the Conference and Study Center at National and University Library will host an additional programme consisting of presentations, round table discussions, and other events related to scholarships and other forms of financial aid for higher education programmes.

Participating institutions will have representatives at their stands, who will present their scholarships and other forms of financial aid for higher education.


In addition to the exhibitors' display stands, the EXPO will include a rich additional program of 20-minute presentations by institutions that award and/or administer scholarships. The presentations will enable visitors to learn more about the particular scholarship-awarding institutions, as well as their criteria for awarding scholarships.



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