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WEgroup is a US-based company with over 30 partner institutions across the country and is the only US-based agency to be AIRC-certified. It is founded by Dr. Richard W. Ferrin, PhD, a former US college and university president with 30 years’ experience. Partners worldwide recruit students for US institutions at all levels. Our mission is to help US institutions internationalize their student body.


Located in one of Europe's most elegant capital cities, Budapest, accredited in both the USA and Europe, CEU offers a uniquely international atmosphere of academic excellence, critical reflection, and social engagement. CEU students come from over 100 countries of five continents, our faculty - from 30 countries.


The Politecnico di Milano was established in 1863 by a group of scholars and entrepreneurs belonging to prominent Milanese families. The Politecnico di Milano is now ranked as one of the most outstanding European universities in Engineering, Architecture and Industrial Design, and in many disciplines is regarded as a leading research institution worldwide. In Italy the term "Politecnico"


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