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Days of Education and Career is an anual project of the Educational Advising Center-Skopje since 1998. The project is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students, university professors, senior and junior researchers and high school students from Macedonia.


Goals of the project

  • -to provide sufficient quantity and quality of information regarding the foreign educational systems and education related programs available at the embassies, resource centers, national and international organizations dealing with international education, as well as programs at international institutions of higher education. 
  • -to encourage, reinforce and accelerate the mutual cooperation among the faculty staff , scholars, and researchers from the region and the worldwide.
  • -to increase the access to information related to variety of educational opportunities available: exchange programs, academic stay abroad programs, summer schools, financial aid opportunities, research opportunities etc.
  • -to improve the current situation of the above mentioned visitor profile through an increased awareness of: foreign educational systems, foreign educational curriculum, levels of education, status of international students in foreign countries, the application procedure at institutions of higher education, financial aid opportunities, opportunities for research work, academic stay, internships, professional practice, exchange programs, language courses, etc.


Since 2004, the event expanded including Career Days, where companies from Macedonia and abroad have the opportunity to present to the public their employment possibilities and opportunities for professional practice aimed at students.

Besides the presentations taking place under the current program, all presenters have booths where they can establish direct contact with visitors and provide them with more information and various printed materials. Since 2004, this event is organized in cooperation with and taking place at the Skopje Fair.




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