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The Educational Advising Center - EAC is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dealing in international education instituted by the Foundation Open Society Institute - Macedonia in July 1999, EAC was financially supported by the FOSI – Macedonia, OSI Budapest and the Educational Information and Resources Branch of the US Department of State until 2004. EAC is a continuation of the Student Information Centre which operated as a separate project under the OSI-Macedonia in Skopje from 1996 and in Bitola from 1997. The Educational Advising Center was comprised of two centers – one in Skopje and one in Bitola (operating until 2004).

In 2001 EAC Skopje established a separate entity MBA Center Skopje that starts to offer a spectrum of academic test preparation courses as TOFFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS.

In 2004 EAC Skopje make a merging on all services of EAC Skopje and MBA Center test prep center and become sustainable entity. Since 2004 EAC Skopje operates independently.

Educational Advising Center established successful cooperation with many foreign universities and all domestic universities and other academic Institutions worldwide.

Since 1998 EAC Skopje is present in international testing industry. In period 1998 – 2004 EAC Skopje was only one test center of ETS and GMAC in Macedonia and conduct paper based testing for academies US tests: TOEFL PBT®, TOEFL ITP®, GMAT®, GRE®, SAT Institutional ®, TSE®, LSAT®, MCAT® in Macedonia.

Jus the new developments and improvements in testing industry started in 2005, in February 2007 starts to operate as ETS IBT test site for TOEFL iBT®, TOEIC Listening & Reading®, TFI®.
In December 2007 become regional Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center Select. And start with testing of GMAT® but also other professional exams conducted on Pearson VUE platform.
In 2009 starts to organizing professional trainings that on market demand. The professional trainings start with CIA- IIA exam and PMP Professional Certificate. As an ongoing activity since 1998 Educational Advising Center is organizing one of a kind event “Days of Education and Career” aimed for high school, undergraduate and graduate students, university professors, junior and senior researchers interested in learning more about education related programs available at the embassies, resource centres, national and international organizations dealing with international education and academic programs at international institutions of higher education. This fair since 2004 is organized in cooperation with and on location at Skopje fair (35000 visitors).

In 2010 EAC starts to organize the event “ Scholarship EXPO” . The Scholarships EXPO is a unique event of national importance in Macedonia, where a variety of scholarships and other forms of financial aid available to Macedonian citizens for studying in Macedonia and abroad are presented at a single location.

The main goal is the promotion of the importance of scholarships in opening and increasing access to higher education (2500 visitors).

Since 2004 the center has had an affluent line of development and has contributed to increasing public awareness concerning educational opportunities abroad, as well as the individual's right to make a choice hence bringing them closer to a more contemporary, democratic civil society.
Educational Advising Center is a unique center and a pioneer in educational advising in Macedonia, offering information on study opportunities worldwide regardless of the field or level of education, up-to-date information on current issues in international education, foreign educational systems, academic programs, academic stay abroad programs, research opportunities, scholarships, exchange programs, etc.

Especial focus is cooperation with institutions from abroad that are willing to enrol students from Macedonia and region and to offer scholarships and other financing to EAC Skopje students. Educational Advising Center experiences successful and continuous cooperation with international academic institutions. Up to present EAC have more than 100 institutions that cooperate and offers there programs to the Macedonian but also to the regional public.

Over 50% of the EAC visitors are high school students interested in continuing their undergraduate studies abroad, over 30% of the total number of visitors are interested in postgraduate studies abroad, over 15% (mostly university staff and young researchers) are interested in work on research projects abroad and the remaining 15% of the visitors are interested in information on summer schools, exchange programs, summer language courses etc. Over 45 % are interested in studies in US and Western Europe. EAC has 7000 visitors annually and 12000 visiting the EAC

EAC Skopje is operating as an self sustainable NGO since 2004. 

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