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Educational Advising Center – EAC is non-governmental and nonprofit organization founded in July 1999.
EAC functions independently and is fully self-sustainable since 2004.

The mission of Educational Advising Center is to actively participate in the process of building an open and democratic society by informing the Macedonian public about educational possibilities in Macedonia and abroad. Its international certificate is a standard for professional promotion and encouragement of the academic and business population and their higher involvement in the world’s trends for exchanging knowledge and experience and implementing them in our country.

The center has had an affluent line of development and has significantly contributed to increasing public awareness concerning educational opportunities abroad, as well as in Macedonia. Especially emphases the individual's right to make a choice which helps building a more contemporary, democratic civil society. Also gives an opportunity for lifetime learning and professional upgrade through certificates in order to reward the working power with internationally recognizable standards.

Educational Advising Center identifies the continuous need for exchange of knowledge and experience between the domestic and broader international academic community, as well as inbound and outbound students of undergraduate and graduate level, alumni, professionals etc.

Educational Advising Center is a unique center and a pioneer in educational advising in Macedonia that covers wide range of services and activities:


  • Consulting for education and professional development
  • Test center
  • Academic and professional training
  • Organization of events for education and career


Test center

  1. Official test center in Macedonia for Education Testing Service TOEFL IBT, TOEIC, TOEFL ITP, TFI, GRE CBT –in process
  2. Regional test center for Pearson VUE Authorized Center SELECT covering Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania offering more than 100 certificates in the area of business, economics, IT, management etc. ( GMAT, Oracle, CIA, CompTIA, Cisco , ESC2, LNAT etc)
  3. Sponsor for Project Management Institute PBT examinations in Macedonia for providing Project Management Professional Certificate
  4. Official test center in Macedonia for TOLES- Test of Legal English Skills


Academic and professional training

  1. Academic training
  • Since year 2000 organizes preparation courses for the following
  • standardized academic tests and skills:
  • Language tests


  • College admission tests


  • Preparation course for How to write successful academic CV
  • Preparation course for How to write successful academic essay
  • Preparation course for How to write successful Statement of purpose
  • Preparation course for How to write winning financial aid essay
  • Preparation course for writing Research Proposal
  • Advising for choosing the appropriate study program
  • Advising on visa procedure for students / professionals
  • Advising for successful college application
  • Advising for successful scholarship application

  b. Professional training

Since 2009 in conjunction with local and foreign partners EAC organizes
preparations for professionals in the area of finance, project management:

  1. Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) – Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)
  2. Project Management Institute - Project Management Professional Certificate

For all course preparations, EAC utilizes proper e-classroom (Learning
Management System- LMS) created by expert in the specific area.
EAC Skopje is an authorized distributor at CIA Learning System for the
professional qualification CIA.

Consulting for education and professional development 

Educational Advising Center established successful cooperation with many
foreign universities and all domestic universities as with other academic
Institutions worldwide. Cooperates with more than 150 universities worldwide.

Organization of events for education and career

  1. “Days of education and career“ is an annual event held by 1998. This event is aimed at high school, undergraduate and graduate students, professionals, junior and senior researchers interested in learning more about education related programs as well as for professional development available at the embassies, resource centers, national and international organizations dealing with international education and academic programs at international institutions of higher education. Since 2004 this fair is organized in cooperation with and on location at Skopje fair.
  2. Since 2010 EAC is organizing the event Scholarship EXPO. The Scholarship EXPO is a unique event of national importance where are presented financial support possibilities and scholarship for all levels of education in Macedonia and abroad. The goal is to promote the importance of scholarships in the process of acquiring high education as well as professional upgrade.



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